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Indigenous Businesses
Our offering to Indigenous business includes:
  • Technical competence in accounting and taxation services and advice generally
  • Familiarity and experience with the requirements of IBA
  • Familiarity and experience with the structures of Aboriginal Corporations
  • Clients who are Indigenous and successful
Examples of our work include:
  • Assisted start up Indigenous enterprises to gain funding from IBA (Indigenous Business Australia). We do this by working with Approved Indigenous Business Consultants to provide a business plan with accompanying financial forecasts.
  • Assisted Indigenous businesses in their contract negotiations to provide services to global mining companies. We were heavily involved in the contract negotiation regarding services to provide to meet the scope of works presented by the mining company, the term of the contract and the price at which the services would be delivered.
  • Assisted not for profit Aboriginal Corporations with their Governance procedures. There are many Aboriginal Corporations who receive government funding to conduct their activities. The funding is usually provided on an application basis tied to performance of the activity. The corporation needs to demonstrate that the funds were used for the stated purpose. We have assisted two corporations with their accounting systems, policies and procedures to ensure they would comply with Government requirements and satisfy the audit process.
  • CFO (Chief Financial Officer) role for an Aboriginal Corporation. One of the Aboriginal Corporations we advised was without a CFO for about 6 months. We filled in as the CFO during this time attending to / overseeing all accounting functions until a full time CFO was employed.