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Changes to BAS/IAS lodgement

As previously advised, from the 1st July 2014, the ATO is planning to phase out paper BAS/ IAS forms

From this date, once a BAS form is lodged electronically, you will not receive a paper BAS form in the mail for the following quarters.  Instead you will receive an email to advise you that your BAS is ready to be reviewed, completed and lodged.

If you have not yet received an email advising you your BAS is ready to be lodged, or you have not received your paper form, please contact us immediately so that we can update your email address on the ATO portal.

Once your email address is updated, you will receive a reminder that your BAS form is ready to be reviewed electronically.

If you lodge your BAS with the ATO in paper form, then you will continue to receive your paper BAS's.  However, if at some point in the future you require us to lodge a BAS for you, we will lodge it electronically.  As a result you will cease to receive your paper BAS's. 

The ATO believes that the majority of taxpayers are now either using their own AUSkey to lodge their BAS's or are lodging them through their Tax Agent.  The ATO therefore argues that the paper forms are not necessary and so will no longer be sending them out.

This means that you will no longer have the paper form as a reminder to lodge your BAS.  If you pay your BAS at the post office, it also means that you will no longer have a payment slip.

To deal with this change, some of you may wish to begin using your own AUSkey to lodge your BAS's.  As an alternative you can continue to use our services and we will provide you with a payment slip when we forward your completed return to you.

If you have not received a paper BAS for the September quarter, and you do not yet have your AUSkey, you will need to forward your BAS figures to our office for electronic lodgement.

If you require assistance in relation to accessing an AUSkey or have any queries in relation to your BAS situation, please do not hesitate to contact our office.