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Client Testimonials
See what our clients have to say about UHY Haines Norton PRT:

"Hidden Valley Forrest Retreat has experienced some very exciting growth and success over the last two years. However, finance and tax management was not our strength. UHY Haines Norton PRT took control of our accounting and finance management two years ago.

We certainly could not have achieved what we have without their help. Not only are they very professional in what they do, but they have taken a personal interest in us and our success, and they are a pleasure to deal with.

I recommend UHY Haines Norton PRT to anyone wanting to manage and grow their business."

Anne-Marie Lynch – Hidden Valley Forrest Retreat
(Winner Telstra Small Business Awards. Winner National Tourism Awards)

"Business is a dynamic process and is constantly changing. It is therefore essential that our professional advisers appreciate and can proactively manage these changes in advance. UHY Haines Norton PRT is familiar with and understands our business and in turn their services are progressive, customer orientated and value driven. The synergy we create as a partnership will move us successfully into the future."

Brett & Julie Mills

"We do not regard UHY Haines Norton PRT merely as "service providers". We have grown to know and have faith in individual members of their staff and consider them personal friends. Their accounting advice has always been a blend of pragmatic, up-to-date practice tempered with sound fiduciary care. UHY Haines Norton PRT people have played an intimate role in the development and strategic management of AHA. James has been a vital member of our Board and has guided us through the transition from rapid growth to the current mature phase of the business. He facilitates our annual strategic planning workshops, leading many hours of fruitful, practical interaction. We consider ourselves extraordinarily fortunate in our relationship with UHY Haines Norton PRT; we trust them and enjoy working with them."

Jim Campbell-Clause – AHA Viticulture